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What is a Wholesome Children's Book?

Wholesome books promote positive character traits like honesty, humility, and selflessness while avoiding negative behaviors such as lying, cheating, and selfishness.
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Reading horror stories to your 5-year-old? Disturbing experience today at the bookstore reinforces the need for wholesome books for our children

Should we be reading horror stories to our children? Will they teach life lessons and build resilience? What does the Bible say about guarding our hearts and our minds?
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Dangers Lurking in the Children's Section - Growing Virtue and Character in your Home through Wholesome Books

I love a good bookstore – and a cup of coffee while I browse. Once I had children, I gravitated...
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Handpicked Wholesome Books for Kids

We all know the importance of reading and books are everywhere! However, so many of us are concerned with the content of the books our children and grandchildren are reading. We want books of substance! We’re looking for books that are entertaining but also provide timeless life lessons and wholesome values.

At Big Sky Life Books, we have researched and hand-picked wholesome book collections for your family. Uplifting books with inspiring messages and characters worthy of emulation. These collections are fantastic for a family read-aloud time and your independent readers.

Build your family’s library with wholesome books that show children how to work together, be kind and respectful and maintain that beautiful childhood innocence.